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Santa Barbara – imagine that!

After getting my PhD June 17th 2010 and being offered the position as Post Doc, I decided that I did not want to waste any more time – this time I would go live in the US for a year at whatever the cost!

I first learned about the Berkeley program that our Department cooperated with in San Fransisco and I really had my heart set on going to San Fransisco for a year. I contacted several professors, but none replied. I also applied for an office space from our department, but was not awarded the spot to my big dismay. I was really getting worried..

In the end I contacted DG. Webster at Dartmouth College. She was on mye PhD committee and I asked her to help me find a short list of colleges in the US that would fit me so that I could narrow down my blind search for an institution that would want to cooperate with me.

This is the mail I sent her (edited)

Hi 😀
I was wondering if you could direct me somehow here?
I want to be a visiting scholar next year 😉
So – I have been looking and blind searching for universities that do work on sustainable fisheries, preferably interdisciplinary so that I have something to do as well, but I am drawing up a very few from the box. My contacts here in Norway are mainly natural scientists and dont know of anything interdisciplinary in the US (though plenty in China and Japan), so I was hoping maybe you had some tips as to where I should look? Are there universities that are well known for this somewhere?
I would so like to learn more and differently and get some input from somewhere else than NTNU and I do miss the US a lot and hope to find something there…

Rachel 😀

The answer from DG was almost immediate and I am so grateful that she took her time to supply me with this answer – and the search was on!

Hi Rachel,

There aren’t many places that do interdisciplinary fisheries work in the US, but I’ve put together a list of the ones I know below. Some are more interdisciplinary than others. All have strong marine programs–I’m not sure about inland waters. Generally, you could look for environmental studies programs that are strong in marine science (Bren, Nicols, Yale), marine science programs that do some social science (orono, wrigley, rsmas, etc.), or marine management programs (wash U, dalhousie). I’m not as familiar with the latter, but it seems like they’d be a good fit for you. A quick search will probably turn up more. Hope you’re having a great summer & good luck w/ the search!



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