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Soccer teams for my boys…

OK – so getting the kids on a soccer team was a bigger challenge  than I expected – William is going to have to come with me to the US when I go to Santa Barbara in the beginning of May to TRY OUT for the team LOL That means he might actually not even make the team *biting my nails*! – this is the team he is going to try out for (or the red one – I know they are divided based on experience and skill). The teams have already been taken out by tryouts in March and April, but they were willing to save a spot for William to try out for in May…

wow… This is their Facebook page too: – I like it of course! LOL

Luckily – Theodore is on the U8 (under 8 I suspect) and they THANK GOD only play for fun still so there is no need to try out for him too LOL It will be expensive enough to bring William with for tryouts! I feel like a crazy mom right now, but I just can not take the chance of William not getting to play soccer that year because I could not find the money to bring him with me to try out at least! And he is good – he really is – and this is his chance to prove it!

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