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School in the US worries me…

and this article did not make it better!

I found it through the – a blog by and for parents in the Santa Barbara area – YES – I am sucking in information like crazy – wish I spent as much time worrying about my upcoming article submissions due SOON!

So – yes – the article is located here: – it is entitled The Race to Less Homework, and it depicts the image I have of US schools and the worries parents AND children face in the school system, spending their entire elementary years building their resumes because:

…as one high school girl points out in the movie, “we live in a society today where you have to be smart, but also pretty, and also you have to do sports, and you have to be involved in art, and you have to find something unique about yourself. And you have to know yourself, because if you don’t know yourself then you’re going to lose yourself.”

Ok – so do I need to worry? My boys don’t even know English all that well, I am already setting them up to play soccer, and now this scares the life out of me… I am fortunate that 1) my mom is coming to live with us, so that we are two parents until Arild get there in December and that 2) once Arild is there, he is probably working from home, meaning that there is a parent at home at all times, the kids can get help with homework immediately etc, and that 3) we hopefull will be able to bring Hoan with us, easening the burden as well and finally 5) I work on a project, so that I am flexible and can be there for my family as well.

Is this enough through? Am I setting myself up for a breakdown in light of my children being faced with stress?

Bringing my entire family to the US for a year is a responsibility as well – it is not  just for fun. Granted, I know we will have amazing memories, the children will have learned English perfectly, they will have a better world view, we will have made friends for life, and hopefully my career will take a huge leap forward. However, we will also have to face schools that might be challenged by my children’s lack of English skills… we will be tired, we will miss our dear friends in Norway, our family, and our home. We will long home so many times – and not understand why we left the place we love in the first place. And this responsibility burdens me…

Reading this article, however, did give me some hope that there is an increasing movement towards pressuring our children so hard in elementary school – hoping that this will make their transition to new friends and teachers easier.

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