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Tickets for William and I have been bought!

May 1st-8th, William and I will be in Santa Barbara to do a few things:

  1. Meet my co-workers and check out my new workplace at Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
  2. Check out the area in general
  3. Look at houses to find the perfect one to rent – if mom hasnt already found one for us
  4. Meet with Elementary school principal (given that we have found the house and thereby the school area we will be living in)
  5. Try out for soccer!

This is very exciting – I am nervous because this is it – we are actually doing this, we are moving to California from Norway! For a full year, we will be living in California – I am so excited and nervous and so happy!

About soccer – looks like soccer practice for William will be two hours twice per week (this year, it is tuesdays and thursdays at a cost of 1600 dollars per year!!!) and for Theodore it looks like it is just an hour every friday (and luckily, only costs 250 dollars per year). I am pretty excited about seeing the level these guys are at… William is really good here in Norway on our team – but I really have no idea what level they are at in Santa Barbara…

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