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US passport for William

Most of you may or may not know this, but our oldest son was born i the US, and thus, by US law, is a US citizen. So I contacted the State Department and asked them what I ought to do now that we are going to actually live in the US for a while and got the following answer:

Your eldest child will need to enter the U.S. on his American passport. All dual citizenships will need to enter the U.S. on their American passports.

Which is actually a good thing, I feel. I hear rumors – but have not heard anything concrete though – about US citizens losing their citizenship if they dont use it for an extended period before they turn 22. If anyone knows anything about that – do let me know (and give me a link)!

US passport – yes – well as it turns out – I cant just go to the local police station and pick one up unfortunately (and who was I kidding…) – no – William and I (or his dad) will have to go to Oslo no less… urgh… I am soooo glad I started this process when I did. Omg – this is really a time killer! I am spending so much time just preparing to leave…

Here is the link to passport for children under 16:

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