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Appointment in Oslo for Williams US passport

Yes – we are for sure going now – on March 31st, William and I go to Oslo for his appointment at the US Embassy so that he can deliver his passport application in person, pay the USD 105 fee and give them his picture. Why he has to show up in person for this is a mystery for me – or maybe not – you have to show up in person to get a Norwegain passport too now that I think of it. It just sucks that we have to go all the way to Oslo to do it…

We are flying Norwegian and spending the entire day there – we have a sushi date at Alex Sushi – William and I are super-sushi-lovers!!!! I was there when I went to the Fulbright information meeting – had dinner alone and loved it LOL but now I want to take my oldest son with me 🙂

As the observant reader can see from the map below, Alex Sushi is just a block away from the US embassy! I just saw it myself – now we dont even have to go far to eat LOL Lets hope they are open for lunch then…

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