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Hoan is not coming with us…

It has been decided now – Hoan is not coming with us. She chooses to find a new family when we leave and stay out the remainder of her term here in Norway instead…

We were pretty relieved to finally have found out for sure – we needed a decisive answer and now we have one. I have been on the fence about bringing Hoan for a while, just because I know that Bella is ripe for daycare – she is going to be 3 and a half when we get there and she really needs to be with kids her own age more than she is right now. If Hoan were to come with, she would have to continue staying home – and I dont think she would have learned much English either.

So all in all, I am happy with the decision, even though we will miss Hoan dearly all of us – she is such a great girl and I really hope she finds here true love soon 🙂

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