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NO – not included…

Trygdeavtalen omfatter ikke barnetrygdloven = the National Insurance does NOT cover the childrensstipend of almost USD500 per month 🙁

Now – that was depressing…

More on it is written here: only three countries where we dont get it… go figure!

Noen av trygdeavtalene inngått med andre land om sosiale trygder, omfatter ikke barnetrygd. Dette gjelder trygdeavtalene mellom Norge og USA, Canada, and Quebec.

UPDATE JUNE 14th 2011: According to NAV Internastional – according to Folketrygdeloven, Export of payment (barnetrygd) is possible while in the US – you can apply for this to your LOCAL NAV office if you are going to stay in the US for LESS THAN 12 MONTHS.

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