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William and I in Oslo for the passport-interview!

William and I went to Oslo in the middle of March to get his visa-interview at the US embassy. We landed in Oslo around eight thirty in Oslo and had to get USD100 immediately because the passport office at the embassy took cash only…

William was tired but excited about a day in the capital city 🙂 This is a picture taken at the train station – and the tiger is the capitol-city mascot (the Tiger City is what it is sometimes called). The picture to the right is of William outside the national theater in the Tiger-City where the statue of the national actress-heroinne Wenche Foss (5 December 1917 – 28 March 2011), was a leading Norwegian actress of stage, screen and television and died at the ripe age of 94 shortly before we came to the city. Her statue is surrounded with flowers.

William has no relationship to this actress at all, naturally, but he was a good sport and stood in front of it for a photo-shoot anyways 🙂

AFter having walked throughout the city for a while, we were outside the embassy with an hour left until the “interview” so we decided to take an early lunch and treat ourselves to our absolute favorite – sushi!!! There was a sushi place right there outside the embassy, so we spent our waiting time chowing down fabulous sushi and maki! William and I are really sushi fans and have sushi anyplace we go!

We also knew that this was just our first sushi meal of the day – we were going to have sushi once more before going home to Trondheim. The positive thing about Oslo (which is not much) is that there is an abundance of inexpensive sushi places littered around the city – whereas in Trondheim – Norways best and friendliest city – only has expensive high end options when it comes to our favorite meal!

After about an hour though (and having to get a passport photo for 300 NOK because there are so many requirements to this process and we werent about to take any chance LOL – we had Williams interview! TIP: Do not bring a computer or an iPad to the US embassy! We had to go to a convenience store and have them store our bag until we were done because our iPad was such a security risk…

Anyhow – done with the interview and having given away $105 for a childrens passport (and I had to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God on behalf of William), and a whole bunch of money for a pre-paid envelope for them to send us the passport later – we were on our way and still had five hours to kill before our plane went back to Trondheim.

So we decided to go to NRK – the national TV broadcasting station – and their childrens play area where we spent an hour playing and laughing. Nobody was there so we had the whole place to ourselves!

The day did not go fast enough for William though, who was tired from getting up at 4 am, had had sushi, had his interview and had played at NRK – he wanted home and it was still three hours until we were going to the airport…

We decided to try out all modes of transportation – we had taken car (to the airport), then plane (to Oslo), train (from the airport to downtown), walked (all over town to get to the embassy) and now it was time to try bus, tram and subway – and we actually managed to do them all! This picture is from the tram in Oslo 🙂

So we took the bus to the tram to the subway where we headed for a sushi place we had had recommended to us by our friends from Oslo – Samurai Sushi in Tøyen, Oslo, a multi-ethnic neighborhood near downtown. When I got there, I realized I had actually been to that exact sushi place twice before with my friends, which was kinda weird, but at least I knew I loved their sushi 🙂

After having had fabulous sushi, we decided it was time to head back to the airport and start planning for our trip home to Trondheim again!

But NOT before going to the operahouse – the fabulously cool opera house in the center of the city not far from the train station. In all honesty, it came before the sushi, but the pictures came in this order so we will pretend we did this last 🙂

This is me on the roof – this is a cool opera house. The building is situated in the Bjørvika neighborhood of central Oslo. It is the largest cultural building constructed in Norway since Nidarosdomenwas completed circa 1300 (and Nidarosdomen is of course in our city – Trondheim)! The roof of the building – where this picture was taken – angles to ground level creating a large plaza inviting pedestrians to walk up and enjoy the panoramic views of Oslo.

After this – we went to the airport and flew home to Trondheim again! A great day with my oldest son 🙂

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