In Santa Barbara,  Visiting beforehand,  William

Monday – Day 2 Santa Barbara visit!

Monday in Santa Barbara! I went jogging at 7 am and it was pretty cold outside so the run went really well!

@afterwards William and I took our cool rental car and went to Shoreline Park and went for a walk followed by a trip downtown to beaches and Stearns Wharf and a panicked realization that I had no cash – credit cards only – and the parking lot only took cash. Luckily they gave me a bill and 10 days to pay it!

After that we went to look at the house we had such hopes for – and we were right – this was the house  and we signed the lease after looking around for a while and enjoying the hill-garden and the several decks and views of the ocean and the large bedrooms! We were in love!!!

Heres is the jacuzzi – yay!

After having signed the lease and being very happy about it we first did a recognisant tour of where the soccer field was and then we went to the Santa Barbara Mission – a famous church/convent/monestary in Santa BArbara – you should see it too 🙂

After this, we went home and met Steven again and went with him to a bar-b-q that his (and soon) my co-worker Costello was having and where his students – who study aquaculture in Chile – were as well! I made great contacts and William became friends with our hosts son as well! William loved it and had a great time!

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