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Day 3 – TUESDAY in Santa Barbara

A wonderful sunny day as usual, in Santa Barbara, and William and I had a blast! We had a late start, I went jogging way too late – at 9 am – and almost died from it – apparantly you should never jog after 7:30 am!
After jogging, we went to have lunch at Chili´s – our always fabulous and favorite lunch place in the US!

After this, we went to Borders – which was going out of business in Santa Barbara – YAY – supersale -and NAY – I love Borders and dont want it not to be here when we move here… Ended up buying books for 100 bucks – lots of educational stuff and William found his dream series – in English – Special Agent Jack Stalwart! Fantastic for his English – he is getting great reading comprehension of it! We had to get to another bookstore to finish off the series (11 books so far – three more coming out soon) but it was a great run! Here is the link to the first book:

We then moved on towards the University – we were getting short on time because William was having his try out practice at Ellings Park with the Santa BArbara Soccer Club at 16:00 – but we rushed over – I wanted to see what campus looked like! And it looked like heaven – I loved loved loved it and I cannot wait to work there and hopefully have an office overlooking the ocean (dream dream sweet dream)!

Some campus pictures:

Then off we went to soccer practice – a two hour scolding hot affair for William – who was exhausted afterwards. All in all I observed that the team was really good – no doubt about that – but William was equally good as the other kids when they were doing regular things (like shooting etc). He struggled more during the games – but that is to be expected since they dont know him or trust him yet – that will come. But he was so tired I was worried about him… he just wanted to go home and refused to go out again afterwards! Here is a before picture of him – all the kids had to practice wearing navy socks, shorts and a grey t-shirt!

A wonderful day in Santa Barbara again – hot and nice – and we are looking forward to Wednesday – which is a relax day with beach, shopping and sushi!

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