In Santa Barbara,  Visiting beforehand

Day 4 – Wednesday in Santa Barbara

They day started with a run as usual – this time at 7 am again! Our host Steve said good bye – he was off to Colorado to join his wife and we had the house to ourselves. Very kind and hospitable of them – actually amazingly so! We are very fortunate!

We then went to have breakfast at the Boat House at Hendry´s Beach – which turns out to be very close to our future home at The Mesa!! Cool! They had great breakfast and neither William nor I managed to finish our portions – but we both agreed that this was going to be our weekly brunch place when we moved here – until we got the bill – now we are thinking monthly brunch place LOL

We then went downtown and shopped some summer clothing for the kids at Old Navy, and Mimosa nailpolish by Chanel for me as well as Sari Dore chanel rouge coco lipstick  – perfect coral!!  😀  Links to Amazon store where you can get them – just click the picutres – very very summery colors and I am in LOVE!!!

After shopping we went to Hendry´s Beach again – this time to SWIM and TAN and Play!!! And we had so much fun – we douced ourselves in loads of suntanlotion and played volleyball in the ice cold Pacific ocean while we watched the dogs play nearby, children play in the sand, DOLPHINS and WHALES jumping just 50 meters away from us – PARADISE!!!

After this we went home  and took a shower before we went to meet our Norwegian friends for sushi at ARIGATO – arguably the best sushi place in Santa Barbara (and the second best we have ever had – only beat by IMARI at Hilton Waikaloa in the Big Island on Hawaii). Expensive though – $72 plus tip for William and I – almost Norwegian prices!!! LOL

Afterwards, we went home to a big empty house that barely had a door that could be locked, in the middle of the woods with no neighbor in sight – and I had a panic attack at night and ordered two night at Hilton the following day until we were to return to Los Angeles!

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