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Day 4 in Santa Barbara

Day four was a calm day after a rough night when I in panic ordered a room for two nights at a hotel because I was freaked out about being the only adult in a house in the woods far from everyone. This morning we washed and dried clothes and I packed everything before William informed me that he was *not* going to a hotel but staying in the house.

After almost an hour on the phone with Hilton we finally agreed that though I could not cancel the room I could re-book it for august when we are coming back (and it is costing an arm and a leg to stay there).

Then William took a three hour nap while I hung out in the sunshine outside, talking on the phone with my mom – who is moving to Santa Barbara soon.

After his nap, William and I went to Chilis for lunch again LOL and afterwards we went home to get him ready for try out number 2! The tryout went well and William made the Red Team – not the best team but seriously good enough – much better than our team in Tiller!!! He was so relieved and happy and excited – and he should be! He will do even better when he gets here in the fall and gets his confidence back!

William before his practice!

Afterwards we went home and had fruit and saw Suite Life – the Movie on Disney 🙂

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