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Day 5 – Friday in Santa Barbara

Great day today – again!

This is my facebook update today and it really sums it us:

Accomplished so much today! We have a full time daycare spot for Annabelle lined up at the YMCA, we checked out William and Thedores school, I got new nails, we did some fun shopping and we saw Thor – the movie! Going to LA tomorrow and home the morning after!

That sort of sums it all up and I dont know anything else to say 🙂 Thor was AWESOME and the city was great, the YMCA daycare center – be still my heart – it was so great and lovely and Annabelle is going to love it there!!!

It costs about 800 dollars per month for full time – which is only 150 more than the first place for half time! The director was wonderful, the premises super nice, and it was really close to our home in Santa Barbara! I feel so great about it so I signed right away!! She starts September 1st!

Then we went to the school where the boys will go and omg it was wonderful! A bit old and worn down places, but the staff in the office were wonderful, the principal was courteous and friendly and the area airy and nice – and apparantly they play soccer there every lunch hour! WILLIAM was very excited as well!!!

Here is their web site:

We then went to have lunch at the Mesa Cafe, which we had read about in the local paper. We had a late breakfast – William had Eggs Benedicts again and I had a spinach omelet! Great food – a new local favorite!

Here is a review of the place:

After this we got the camera and then we went downtown to see the courthouse! While we were there, we also decided to go see Thor in 3D! Check out the cool movie theatre we went to – the Arlington Theatre !!! Looks like houses on the sides and the ceiling looked like a starry sky!

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