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Day 6 – leaving for Los Angeles

So here we are, at the end of our trip, in our hotel room – Hilton near the airport in Los Angeles. It has been a really productive week – and today has consisted of shopping shopping shopping and more shopping – in order to make sure we have enough gifts to bring home!

I am very upset to notice that a package I had ordered had not made it – and that was a birthday gift – which is a bummer… but I will just have to reorder it… and pay the postage to get it to Norway.

So tomorrow morning at 4 am we leave the hotel to go to the car rental place with the car and get ourselves on the shuttle to the terminal. We are flying via New York and Amsterdam and are due to arrive in Trondheim at 10:30 am and we are so excited to see Annabelle, Theodore and Arild again – as well as Choco and Hoan!

Will be back in California again in just over 3 months!

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