August 15th – Leaving Tiller

Exciting – today I got our tickets for the US – at a GREAT price!

We are flying from Trondheim to Iceland to New York City to Los Angeles – and we are taking the air-bus… we are definitely flying economy LOL

Icelandair is not all bad though – or is it… last time we flew to Iceland we went with Iceland Express… now THAT was economy LOL

But after landing in New York and a two hour break that just MIGHT get us through customs in time for our next flight, we get to fly with JetBlue… I have an inkling feeling that that DEFINITELY is economy too LOL!

So we land in Los Angeles at 00:13 the 16th and hopefully my mom is there to pick us up and take us to Santa Barbara at that time!I am pretty excited when I look at the photos below though…




New York

Los Angeles

Santa Barbara

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