Theodore,  William

The kids are preparing their good-bye parties!

Theodore and William both wanted a good bye party – Williams is a combination party celebrating both his trip to the US and his 10th birthday! My good friend Laura at Chickenscratch studio in the US created these fantastic invitations for the boys and we are so happy with them!

Theodore wanted a Kung Fu movie party – and Laura Jane obliged and created one that showed him doing karate kicks and hits LOL  – both William and Theodore want their friends to sleep over so we are borrowing a Lavo tent from a friend of mine which will be great! William is inviting his soccer team plus a couple of good friends outside the team – Theodore is inviting the boys in his class!

This is coming to an end – and we are soon moving for a full year! I am so glad they are going to have this last run with their friends! I know they will make many good friends in Santa Barbara but I also know they will miss their old friends a lot and leaving with a good feeling is always the best!

No regrets!!!



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