CIES (Fulbright) is taking care of me!

Thank God for the Fulbright grant which is administered by its US arm, the CIES (Council for International Exchange of Scholars)! It actually pains me to know that you can only get a Fulbright Grant once – because I know I would love to use them again the next time I go on an exchange!!! Because this is service!

I received my package from them while on vacation, and it included a cover letter and the Social Security Form, as well as a Tax form I have to send in to them and they make sure I dont have to worry about tax etc. I also got my health care information (and it is too bad my kids and husband arent covered by it because it is a good deal)!

So- TO ANYONE CONSIDERING HAVING A SCHOLARLY YEAR IN THE US – you have GOT to apply for a Fulbright grant!!!!

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