Theodores goodbye party is over now!

So – my baby boy had his good bye party with his best buddies! Only three were unable to make it – it is still vacation time in Norway – but 9 boys came to our house on Friday at 17:00 and stayed until Saturday at 13:00 – staying in a tent in the back yard with Arild LOL

We had set the tent up a couple of days earlier – amateurs as we are – we misunderstood the floor of the tent for the tent itself and had a tough time getting it up LOL

We test slept in it two days before, Theodore and Annabelle and Mom – and well – I ensured that it would be Arild that stayed there with the boys when they came 🙂

So the party started with welcome drinks – champagne soda with ice cubes and frozen raspberries! Theodore had it for his birthday too and loves welcome drinks! The weather was nice and it would be no problem staying out! Then they made personal pizzas, followed by Kung Fu Panda 1. After the first movie, they got to bar-b-que s´mores (chocolate, crackers and marshmellows) before going down to watch Kung Fu Panda II (while some chose to play on the trampoline instead or play with the og). When that movie was done, they started concentrating on going to bed/tent.

The following morning they woke up at 6 am (after falling asleep about midnight) and sat down to watch Kurt blir Grusom right away, thank god – it was really early! They did not emerge from the tv-room until almost 9 am when they were really hungry. We had warm buns and scrambled eggs for breakfast, with apple and orange juice, and everybody ate really well.

They then watched The Last Airbender on and off for a few hours, intercepted by eating cake and having a scavenger hunt for their going-away-gifts and around noon, the parents started arriving to pick up their children!

Here are some pictures from the party 🙂 All the faces of kids other than our own have been made anonymous!

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