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Travel clothes bought :)

So – I know this is not necessary, but I always got new travel clothes when I was a kid and I wanted my kids to get the same – especially since we are going to move. William wasnt keen on it at all -we’ll see if he changes his mind – but Theodore and Annabelle expressed that they would like an outfit each!

So – this is what I got them at – one of the new advertisors on my internet forum 🙂

For Annabelle I got the outfit of the girl to the left (with the big hair) – the pants, jacket and t-shirt! She loves to dress up and I know she is going to love this outfit (if I get her to wear the pants – she IS a skirt/dress girl…)!

I also got her a wind jacket – because it does get windy sometimes in Santa Barbara and she actually doesnt have one!

This one I know she is going to love – it is after all PINK 🙂

Theodore wasnt difficult to shop for either in this shop, which was great – because he does like special clothes that are cool and they had lots of fun stuff for boys at – which was a surprise – because it is so seldom that I find it at all 🙂

So I got him these pants, sweather and this jacket:

So now we are ready clothing wise at least LOL Only one good bye party left – Williams on friday – and then it is crunch time for packing and getting ourselves mentally ready for a year in California!

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