The walk of shame to the washer…

Ok, so first off – yes, I am a HUGE idiot and I accidentally washed my iPhone just now, in the stress of getting everything ready for the US. It was in the  pocket of my favorite pajamap pants when I was preparing the last load of wash, and at the spur of the moment I decided that these CRISP CLEAN and FRESHLY laundered pajama pants needed another round before moving to the US. Later on, when I discovered that my iPhone, was nowhere to be seen I pretty much immediately sprinted down to the laundry room, dreading what I was about to find and I immediately heard the rythmic thumbs in the washer.

Sure enough, right at the bottom of the washing machine: my precious, glorious, unresponsive iPhone. Clean as a WHISTLE, but unresponsive of course… After my four stages of trauma set in, (horror, disbelief, self-loathing and ennui) and I was lamenting the walk of shame over to the Apple Store to purchase another one tomorrow morning – but I have now googled and found many more idiots – just like myself – who have been idiots and laundered their expensive but stunning phones…

So – long and pathetic story short – I now have my beautiful phone submerged in a bag of rice, hoping this trick will suck out all the moisture from the phone and dry it out and miraculously save it from drowning… if now – I will have to do another walk of sham – to the insurance company – and hope they will reimburse me for my 4th iphone accident/theft… I have yet to have an iphone leave me for natural reasons…

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  • NorskTorsk

    You did this just now?

    I like your blog… might have to take some tips. Thinking of starting my own when Hoan becomes officially part of the family.

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