Annabelle,  In Santa Barbara,  Theodore

Our house :)

We have fallen for our house – it feels really nice, it is nicely furnished, our land lord is really fantastic and I feel so fortunate! I will add more pictures as I get it more cleaned up – but here are pictures of the living room and kitchen at least 🙂

Bella having a nice healthy wholesome dinner – mac and cheece 🙂

Our dining area with the sliding doors to the deck – I love this area – it is so airy and gorgeous! The garden outside is stunning and the deck is huge and well kept! The area is so bright and cheery!

My fantastic mom – who moved here from Louisiana to come live with us so that we could all be together and hang out for a full year!

This is the stairs to the upper area where the bedrooms and bathrooms are – as well as two other decks! The stairs are carpeted and very soft and the kids are sliding and playing on them every day!

Having breakfast in the dining area one of the first days here!

This is our living room – the kitchen is on the other side of the fireplace – and the window on top of the wall is to the boys bedroom – which they love! The pink chair is Bellas 🙂

My new coffee machine from Nespresso – I am in love!!

And in downtown Santa Barbara there is a little tea-shop where I was duped into buying loads of tea LOL oh well – I am kind of excited to make it – but I forgot to buy a cup (and I cant brew the perfect cup without -yes – the cup)! See the great yard in the window?

View from the dining table (and Theodore playing in the stairs)! The chips and dips bowl is from Sugar Coated (find them and LIKE them on facebook)!

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