Traveling to Santa Barbara… on the way

So – they were really sorry at Keflevik in Iceland for the inconvenience of putting us through an extra security check, since I was travelling along with children and all.
Well – no problem at all – we are sitting in a lounge with cookies, free espresos and water, sofas, lots of toys and tvs and very few people and it is SO COMFORTABLE!!!
I LOVE extra security check! Not sure how long we have to wait – uh oh – seems like we are sitting here for an hour because there are some americans that are REALLY pissed off out there right now! I am digging it!! WooHoo!!

Btw – the flight from Trondheim to Iceland was great – it had touch tv-screens on each seat and the meals were free for the kids (I wasnt hungry anyways).

We are now at JFK in New York where our plane is delayed with two hours 🙁
On top of that – we did not get our backpack re-checked so I am without clothes for at least 48 hours… And there is no internet ANYWHERE… yuck…

UPDATE again – 10 pm in New York City – the kids are super tired – William is falling asleep where he is sitting – it is 4 am in Norway right now and we have been on the road for a long time… And we still have a six hour flight from NY to LAX ahead of us! And it does not leave for another hour!

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