Theodore’s first Tae Kwon Do practice!

Theodore has asked to please please please be able to train Tae Kwon Do for a long time and we have held back because we have not felt that he has been ready mentally to distinguish between self defense and just hitting… but now that we moved here to Santa Barbara we knew he was sick of soccer and asked him what he wanted to do and the answer was resolute – he wanted Tae Kwon Do and nothing else.

A quick google search revealed that there was only one Tae Kwon Do practice arena in town, and that was Hope’s Tae Kwon Do!

This martial arts practice was conventiently located almost downtown by Stearns Wharf, and though I took the slow route down Shoreline where the speed limit is 25 mils per hours it was still really near our house. Going back I took Cliff though, where the limit was 45 and this was much much faster!

So – back to the practice – it suffices to say that I have seldom seen Theodore as determined and pure extatic as I did during that practice! He absolutely loved it!! There were only two more boys – who Theodore now proclaims are his friends – and they were the same age as him! He got his Tae Kwon Do uniform – of which he is immensely proud – and he did everything Hope (who he calls his Sensei – after the Disney internet game Club Penguin LOL) – Hope is a woman by the way and engaged to a Norwegian man – said to him!

Hearing and seeing him yell and hit and kick and bow with such dedication was a thrill! He proclaimed afterwards that this was the most fun he had done in his WHOLE life – even more fun than Waikaloa Village in Hawaii! Here are pictures!

Proud boy in brand new Tae Kwon Do uniform!
Drink Break - Sensei Hope in the background!
Getting help from Hope with the uniform

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