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From the kids first day at Monroe Elementary School!

The first day of school last Thursday went amazing and we are so happy about it!

Theodore made a new friend and they had an instant connection and it was so sweet! The teacher even said she had not even noticed that Theodore did not speak much English because apparantly he answered everything in English and he and his friend spoke English and he even READ English to the teachers! So she said the day must have gone great, because she had not ever noticed that he felt outside the group!

I am soooo relieved, you have no idea!

William went well too – he has a Norwegian boy in his class so he obviously had NO problem all day LOL he does get to speak a bit of English because the teacher uses him for translation services as well! He had a good time though and the first day of homework was a three hour affair! Wow – so much homework…

Here are some picutres!

checking out school the day before it started! At the office!
Goofing around outside the school office!
Theodore outside his classroom!
Theodores desk in his classroom!
William outside his classroom!
William in his classroom!
Theodore ready for his first day of school in California!
William ready for his first day of school in California!
Two boys ready for the California education!
We walk two blocks but many kids in school take the infamous school bus!
Walking to class - the hallways are outside 🙂 Norwegian family with us!
Theodore sits down for his first assignment - coloring a shoe!
William enters his classroom with his class!

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