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A daytrip, September 4th 2011

Roadtrip in the mountains of the Santa BArbara/Los Angeles area!

So this is where we were today, driving for hours at an end, and stopping now and then enjoying magnificent views! We stopped in the very barren and quiet town of Maricopa, California, and went to a Rock Shop there, where they sold – well – rocks – in the middle of the mountains! Mike – the store owner was very gracious and let us have a lot of stones for great prices! He also introduced us to his cat, Heathen – a gorgeous cat! The store was a treasure chest and Mike was very friendly and gave us a great impression of the town! Thank you Mike!

We were also supposed to drive along the San Andreas FAult, but because of my insistence of Rock Shop Shopping, we had no time for hte most exciting aspect of the trip LOL well, that is just my luck, but I got to see something equally fantastic, the city of Maricopa, California, and I loved it!

Here are some picutres from our fantastic road trip today, September 4th 2011, with our fantastic new best friends Helen and Steffen and all of their children!

93 degrees fahrenheit according to Mike, from the Rock Shops, cat-thermometer!
Mike, our gracious and wonderful store-host at the Rock Shop, Maricopa!
Heathen, the Cat! Theodore also got a post card with a picture of Heathen! He is sending it to his class in Norway!
A treasure chest of a store!
Fun store with fun people and animals!

And of course, I also have the obligatory fabulous view of the California landscape as well! It WAS a magnificent trip and it was really beautiful the whole way, and STeffen, our geologist of choice, was very good at explaining eveyrthing at a daycare-level for people like myself 🙂

images from the road!
beautiful landscape / photographer THOR!
Posing with beautiful California in the background!
Trying to find our way (which I spoiled by having to go Rock Shopping hehehe)
goofing aorund (beautiful lake in the background)
Me and my baby girld!
The whole gang minus dad!

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