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Our very cool rental car from Enterprise!

Our very cool rental car, in our drive way!

Ok, so all was not so bad, it wasnt good for something! We did have a car accident, and my brothers car was badly damaged and has to be in the shop for at least a week and a half! Because of this, we now have a VERY COOL RENTAL CAR!!! It is a beauty and it is smooth and I LOVE IT!!! For those who need details – we were hit hard in teh back as we were turning into daycare day three of daycare for Bella, but we were almost at a stand still and were not hurt at all, just pushed 4 meters forward and a bit shaky – the other womans car was totaled and I really really feel bad for her!! We are all good though!

Oooooh check it out!!!
Bella digs her new car seat as well (it was new before too - she just likes it even more now)

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