Reading suggestion from William!

William loves to read – and mystery novels that combine with travelling the world has always been his favorite since he read Adrians Atlas this spring.

Now, however, he has found a new favorite that he says is even MUCH BETTER than Adrians Atlas – namely 39 Clues! This is a book series that is “…Built around a ripe conceit—wealthy matriarch scatters cryptic clues to a mysterious fortune around the globe—this first installment in a projected 10-book series is tons of fun…”

This book series has kept him up until the wee hours for days at an end now, and he has now started book number 2 in this series, and he also follows along the web page www.39clues.com where he gets to solve more puzzles as well!

Just wanted to give a heads up if you were looking for a book that would capture your sons or daugters imagination and joy of reading in a flash!

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