In Santa Barbara,  Rachel

My new bike!

Now this is a bike riding kinda place! It rains almost never, and there are hills, but the streets, most all, have bike lanes on them!

So I found my dream bike! This summer, in Denmark, I saw this kind of bike everywhere and I WANTED ONE – but I never found the perfect one until one  day, as I was surfing for bikes I found PUBLIC BIKES ( and fell in love at first sight!

This is my bike!!

The box, as the bike was deilvered!
First glimpse of my dream bike! 7 gears Public Bike!
ooooh, it is a beauty! I still have to install the front rack though...
Seriously, I have to do it myself?????
I rule, I can do it, and check out the back rack!!!
Yay, here I am with my cool new perfect bike! I love California!
Ooooh, love details!
With the front rack, which I miraculously managed to attach all by myself!!

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