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Soccer Team Potluck today!

today was such fun! We started with a game at 9:30 am which we won 4-0 and where William scored goal number 2, a beautiful goal and we were all very proud of him!

We then had Williams friend from the team over, and we hung out at home for a while, before going out to eat at Mesa Cafe (our new favorite hang out), and then going to Helenes house to swim with her two boys! After I had cooked what I was to bring to the soccer potluck (while at Helens, because we had our cleaning lady over all day so I had to use her kitchen), we went to the potluck in Montecito at Nicklas’ house!

Now this was the highlight of the day for William and probably Theodore as well. They had a great big yard with chickens and a dog, and a trampoline, and lots of toys, and a HUGE water slide! There are videos from this event on my Facebook page! Here are some pictures! Annabelle loved it as well, as she played with the sister of one of hte players all night long!

Having lunch post game!
Theodore is where the action is!
Off to the car - Annabelle has a crush on Williams friend from Soccer LOL She was holding his hand right before I got to take the picture!
Change of clothes before the party!
Lots of food, and an outdoor fire place! Wow, I love this house and its yard!
Teh waterslide was really well used! This is William attempting to hit me with the water gun!
Theodore was on this slide for two hours straight (as was William)!
Bella found a friend who pulled her in a wagon for hours! She LOVED it!!!
A freezing cold Theodore has pizza in front of the fireplace!


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