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UCSB soccer game; All club soccer night before!

One of the coaches sitting in the dunking tank!

Santa BArbara Soccer Club had its fall All Club Soccer Night, with a bar-b-que, games, raffles etc at the UCSB Harder Stadium, right before a UCSB Gauchos game against Virginia, which we ended up winning 2-0! It was great fun! We only saw the first half, because the children were tired and William had a game today so we had to get up early!

It was great fun though and the kids had a blast, as did I!

My Theodore, waiting for the game to start!
The stadium, Harder Stadium, UCSB! It ended up being pretty full by the time we left during hte break!
Williams coach, getting ready to be dunked!!
Mu two boys, excited about their first College Soccer game!




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