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Santa Barbara – Lompoc – Jamala Beach

Today was a gloomy day – no sun and even some rain, believe it or not! The day started with another soccer game for William, which they lost 4-3, but it was a fun game and very exciting nevertheless! After the game, we went home and got ourselves ready for a day trip to Lompoc and Jamala beach with the Norwegian family!

Lompoc was a regular boring no name town where nothing much was happening and it was nowhere near as cute as Solvang, which had identity and personality! Lompoc could have been anywhere USA.

After Lompoc, we drove to Jamala State Park, where there was a beach that was stunning and fabulous, and super dangerous and really only meant for experienced surfers! Fortunately, the waves, as they broke on shore, were equally fun for the kids!

Here is a map of our trip and some pictures! It took about an hour to get to Lompoc from santa Barbara, and about an hour from Jamala Beach (C) to Santa BArbara, so once again, we had a lot of driving, but it went well and the kids were examplary!

Bella crashed on our way to Lompoc!
Lompoc, California
Street art, Lompoc California
Running to make the green light!
water fountain fun!
Jamala Beach, here we come!
Ready or not, here we come!
Bella and Mom, fun in the sun!
9/11/2011 - Tiller in California!
Theodore loving the sun in Jamala Beach!
My little Merman!
Our good friends, the Norwegian couple!
My little happy Theodore!


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