Final “NO” for Child support while in the US

We got a final no from NAV in Norway today to Child Support…

It is a surprise, because NAV international had stated that we WERE entitled to it, yet NAV locally used the same logic that I had made earlier when I decided that we would not qualify.

However, several other families have received notification that they WERE entitled yet we still were informed that we were NOT entitled…

Needless to say, I am not surprised at the lack of coordination regarding national policy in the NAV system… it is incredulous that different municipalities can give different outcomes to the SAME process – and it is so much money that I will fight this all the way to the media! NAV local can not have differential treatment options – they need to follow the same procedure. We are after all part of hte same country and it is national guidelines they are using to make their decisions, not local municipality guidelines!

iiiiii – so annyoed….

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