Arild,  In Santa Barbara,  Rachel,  Visits from Norway

October – and daddy/Arild comes home!

It was a fantastic week, but heartbreaking to say goodbye after only a week – Bella screamed and screamed and was inconsolable, I was crying, and Theodore was very quiet while William tried to be a tough kid. Families are supposed to be together…

Daddy comes home!

It didnt last long – only one week, but We loved having dad here! It was a fantastic time and we enjoyed every single day of having our family complete again!!!

Arild and I went to Longbeach, Los Angeles on a date as well 🙂

And we went to the beach of course!

Arild had a gigantic burrito in Isla Vista – Cucas 🙂

And we went to the Pumpkin Patch of course 🙂

And it was great to go on breakfast dates on the beach 😀

And finally we went to Boo at the Zoo the night before he went home again to Norway…

And we did a lot of snuggling!

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