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Off to do more researh tomorrow, in Morro Bay

Morro Bay is a bit north of us here in Santa Barbara, about 2 hours. I am going there to talk to a group of fishermen there about the possibility of offshore aquaculture developments in their area, and how this would affect them. I am using a cool mix of methods – systems thinking and bayesian belief network (BBN) and it elicits stakeholder driven scenarios basically – which again – is very very cool for a political scientist like myself 🙂


I am also very fortunate in that two of my colleagues here at Bren are coming with me, and they have given me very valuable help in setting up the study and finding great angles to it that would ensure that I can use my data alongside theirs in later studies, basically comparing results from actual stakeholder fears with modelled predictions there of based on economic and biological data. Now THAT is pretty cool 🙂 Very excited Political Scientist again LOL

So yes – my research is speeding along and is doing great and I am very happy with it!! Off to Morro Bay tomorrow, then Vigo, Spain on Saturday for a week in North-Western Spain on an EU project meeting 🙂 I love being a reseracher!


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