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Williams last soccer game with Santa Barbara Soccer Club is coming up!

This weekend is Williams last game with the Santa Barbara Soccer Club. It has been a great year – with a lot of work and a lot of practices and a LOT of traveling to games! And they have unfortunatly lost a lot too. They came in third in the league this fall, which was pretty good, and they did pretty great actaully! As did William – he played a lot and scored a lot. After Christmas, though, the entire team had a down turn and spiraled into a bad habit of not scoring and letting in too many goals.

But William has had fun, and has made some of his best friends on this team – as have I! We have loved being a part of it and we are sorry to have to leave it – though we know that when we get back to Norway, he will be playing soccer again and he will love it there too!

This is where we are going tomorrow – 2 hours and 7 minutes north of here. The good thing is, we dont have to be there until 1:30, so we can stop for lunch in – wait for it – MORRO BAY 🙂 There is a really cool seafood restaurant there in Morro Bay where the name of the Captain that brought it in is listen on the menue! Now THAT is cool 😀

Santa Barbara – Templeton, CA — 2 hours and 7 minutes!

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