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Finished the scientist workshop (and the Ventura workshop)

Systems Thinking – Scientists from Bren

Today was an important day because I was doing my workshop spiel with the Bren fisheries scientists – which is nervous you know, because these are my quantitative peers that do not really know what it is that I actually do while I am here LOL so it was pretty interesting to do the workshop with them.

What was great though was that these guys were really very thorough! They thought every answer through and were polite and very knowledgeable and they had no emotional stake in the process, like the fishermen do. So, on that note, they were done after only two hours, as opposed to the average of four hours with the fishermen!

Yesterday I met with Craig Fusaro from the oil/fisheries liaison office for lunch, and after that I went to Ventura and talked to three gillnetters and did the systems thinking/bayesian spiel with them too!

Now I am pretty exhausted…

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