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A beautiful weekend in Santa Barbara!

Stearns Wharf

We had a great weekend and enjoyed wonderful weather and good friends and family all weekend long!

Fun in big bikes Saturday May 26th 2012

Saturday, we did the Santa Barbara sightseeing thing – we went biking in bike-cars, showing the kids and my sister-in-law around town in the beautiful weather! We then had lunch/dinner at California Pizza Kitchen before going home, where Sigrid and I finished off a bottle of wine and watched Take This Waltz on Apple TV (hello – what an amazing movie)!

Sunday we prepared a picnic lunch and went to Fess Parker Winery to eat it, and for Arild to drink wine (Sigrid and I were driving)! The kids blew bubbles, played soccer, tag and laughed and had a good time and we were all very happy! We then tried to go to Solvang but it was JAM PACKED and there was no parking anywhere!

Fess Parker Picnic!

We ended up going home after which Sigrid and Arild went to return her car, since she was taking the Airbus to the airport the following day. When they got back, Arild took the four youngest kids and drove down to Helen and Steffen, while Sigrid and William and I took our bikes there (only one car now)! We had a bar-b-que there, enjoying fantastic company and reminiscing a bit about the year we have had here

Paseo Nuevo sightseeing!

in Santa Barbara and how different our relationship will be from now on – everything changes the second we land in Norway. I know it so well, and have felt it several times before!

Butterfly Beach hanging out with great friends!

Everything changes…

Finally Monday – this was a long weekend after all – I took Sigrid and the kids to the bus, after which I went home to help Arild clean the house like crazy since it was being showed for a new renter. After that, Bella

and I went to the beach with Kathleen, Ava and their friends. William went with Helen and her kids to Santa Clause Beach, and Theodore stayed home in the fabulous weather, just watching TV and playing games LOL Arild was working. That afternoon, along with Helen and Steffen, we went to the Habit for dinner and then Arild and I finished off the night with a bottle of Santa BArbara Winery chardonnay while watching a couple of episodes of Sons of Anarchy…

I am feeling sentimental now… it is almost over now, our trip to paradise…

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