Arild,  In Santa Barbara,  Leaving Paradise,  Rachel


So – my mom has picked up all her stuff and her car and we are left with packing up our stuff and taking it to the shipping company! Terri, our landlord, is letting us store boxes in the garage too until we are back from Costa Rica on the 8th of July!

Packing is crazy – we came here with 2 suitcases and a stroller, the kids and I, on August 15th. We are leaving with 8 pieces of luggage and the stroller (still just the kids and I – Arild is also bringing two pieces of luggage). In addition, we have soooo many boxes of stuff we are taking home! It is amazing how much stuff you buy in a year… I have bought 22 pillows, among others. Who needs that many pillows????

packing up… time to get ready to go home to Norway again!


Pillows deluxe! 22 pillows in total! I like pillows!

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