Annabelle,  Arild,  In Santa Barbara,  Leaving Paradise,  Rachel,  Theodore,  William

Some pictures from our last days here

Off to see Suessical Jr – an awesome musical based on Horton Hears a Who!


My girl, Helen, and I had a Sunday out with shopping, margheritas and good food at Sandbar on State Street!
Theodore got an award at school – Most Overall Achievement in All Areas – both he, Arild and I, as well as the teachers were VERY proud of him! That is him in the green t-shirt!


Padaro Beach Grill – right on Santa Clause Beach in Carpinteria – Bella and Ava are sitting on the chair to the far left! Great little cafe right on the beach!


Bella and Ava at the Cindarella Castle in Ventura – MIniature Golf place 🙂


Saying goodbye to our Norwegian clan in Santa Barbara with a bar-b-que the week before we left! Notice – my MOM and DAD are there too! They were in town for only one night picking up the car!


Grandpa and Bella at Hendrys Beach for Breakfast! What a great tradition that has been… love the Boathouse breakfast…


Arild hanging with the Harley crowd at the Cold Springs Tavern on Sunday before we left – this is a great fun place with a band and good tri-tip sandwhiches! A fun experience!


Cold Springs Tavern – live band every Sunday! Bella in near right corner!


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