Leaving Paradise,  to-do-list

My insides are in turmoil

Life if hectic nowadays…

Arild left now – to take all our stuff that is going by boat to Los Angeles… the house is starting to look sterile and empty now… Anything that looks like us is gone – pictures, stuff, bedding, clothes – all packed.We are already living out of a suitcase – feels so strange. And my insides are in turmoil – I cannot relax at all – I feel jittery and nervous.

Doesnt help that three of my interviewees are not being responsive to me so I wont get complete results from my Ventura workshop…

On my to do list now is the following:

1) Get info to Becca – the PhD student who has been working with me this year. She needs info about two aquaculture conferences, the paper Russel has gone through (but I need to fix it first), and transcript from the Ventura Workshop.

2) She will be giving me back info about Ventura and San Diego and NGO systems thinking diagrams, the conditional probability tables (with text) from the scientist workshop and probably more. Meeting her for coffee tomorrow morning at Starbucks downtown.

3) Go to work and meet with John richards tomorrow to tell him about the fishermen workshops.

4) Read and review two articles tomorrow – very important – they are due by end of June and I go on vacation soon.

5) Call the two other guys from Ventura and beg them to meet me wo that I can get at least two conditional probability tables from there!

6) Finish cleaning up the house and getting stuff ready to go down to the garage for our vacation – we are only bringing two pieces of luggage to Costa Rica!

7) Get a bank account at Bank of America – the bank we have wont let us have online banking which is horrible – I need a US bank account and I need it with online banking possibilities!

Arild taking the last box that is going to the boat!
boxes ready to go down – bear in mind – this is in addition to all the stuff already IN the Uhaul!
Our Uhaul, ready to be loaded into!
Stuff is going in – but there still needs to be room for the Harley and two bikes!
And this is what is going home by boat – maybe we will see it by September…

There probably is more to be done too… but I just cant get to it…

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