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What kind of home do we want?

Its not easy figuring out what kind of home we want – there are so many things to take into account – but we have now settled on what we prefer:

*We have to live so that it is not too incovenient for either myself (commuting to Galveston) or my husband (commuting to the Energy Corridor) – this pretty much places us within the inner ring of the city – since he has to go straight west and I have to go south-east.

*We want to live in an urban setting – as my 13 year old describes it – “Like they live in Friends” — for me that means that we live near universitities in areas with cafes, restaurants, little stores, parks – and that we in no way live in the suburbs.

*We need 3 bedrooms minimum.

*Max $2500 per month – maxmax is $3000 per month, but with the dollar exchange rate as it is right now, we really should stay south of 3000 in order to be comfortable.

*Schools should be nearby and should not have a horrible reputation – we also prefer it if they are diverse.

*It must be considered a safe neighborhood

*as furnished as possible! It is too costly to furnish an entire home – and besides – I am not taking it with me home so it would just add on to departure stress – so yes please – furnished. I wouldnt mind it looking like this one of course 😀

Luxurious Living Room in new home

Our “would love to have this” but we will survive without it list includes:



So where can we find all of this? Well – turns out – theres help for that – but I will talk more about that when I have more information – but rumors have it that people in Houston use realtors for this job and that this is paid by the owner – not the renter (though obviously I understand that the price will reflect this cost for them). We just give them our list – and they set up appointments for us to come see!


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