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Finding a home in a different country

So. When I went to Santa Barbara, I used www.sabbaticalhomes.com– and it was a great choice. It had lots of homes for rent, all furnished, and all for academics and scholars – so it was a great resource.

Not so for Houston – which is a MUCH larger city with a number of universities and colleges – so I was a bit confused when I noticed they practially had not homes listed at all on their website. In fact, they only had one home listed with my criteria (3+ bedrooms and max 2500 USD per month) – in fact – even changing it to max 5000 USD per month did not change the results.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.13.50

In other words – I realized that there had to be another mechanism that scholars got their homes when moving to Houston – and lots of people go there all the time. So I started reaching out to Facebook and searching for Houston and local news and trying to find a way in.

Suddenly I realized that there were obviously going to be lots of Norwegains there – in fact, around 5000-6000 Norwegians live there according to the Norwegian consulate in Houston. So I changed my search, and low and behold – there was a facebook page for Norwegains living in Houston – namely ISRID! This webpage and Facebook page deserves its own blog post – so look out for that one coming up!

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