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The Fulbright brochure 2018

Front page of the Fulbright brochure featuring the grantees for 2018-2019

So every year, Fulbright presents their grantees for that given year in a brochure that is available online on the Current Fulbrighter page.

So – just got a sneak peak at the one for this year, and yours truly is on the front page smiling very broadly!

I was hoping to see if I could find the one from 2011 when I last went, but alas no success – maybe they have it on file – would be fun just to see how I described myself then as opposed to now!

UPDATE – Fulbright read my post and sent med the 2011 brochure as well – so here goes my little blurb from last time – which turns out to only be affiliation in NOrway and the US – but still – fun to see what I looked like and how I have changed 🙂 Definitely blonder back then!

Blurb about me in the Fulbright 2018-2019 brochure!
2011-2012 Brochure picture from my Fulbright grant period back then! Some changes from this time around in terms of both looks and affiliations!


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