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Partner might not need extra permission to work from home!

Teleworking for your spouse? This is good information!

If you recall this post: – I talked about how your partner would need to get extra approval to work from home in the US, even if he/she does not receive any kind of salary in the US. One of the partners of a Fulbrighter has checked this and was informed that he/she did NOT need to apply. Therefore, you should check first!

The following message on this “teleworking” issue was given us from the US embassy via Fulbright:

It has always been our advice to recommend that applicants contact USCIS once in the United States regarding any questions they have about working or teleworking. USCIS has an instant chat function on the link posted below, and before applying for work authorization perhaps the Fulbright applicant can contact USCIS to inquire if they need to apply for work authorization for teleworking. The reason I would recommend contacting USCIS before actually applying is because the application fee is $410 dollars and if USCIS determines that the applicant does not need to apply for work authorization if they are only teleworking then this saves time and money. 

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