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Countdown is ON!

So – its the final countdown – we are definitely moving and the jitters are starting to come now.

So I realize there are some things that I still do not have under full control, so I am making myself this check list to ensure that I am aware that I can not yet sit down and relax and wait for our flight to leave.

What do I have to do? Heres my list in order of importance!

  1. Ensure that we are properly insured – we do have the insurance through the Norwegain government, so I need to ensure that this is either enough or that we need to buy additional insurance – health of course. *IN PROGRESS*
  2. Get renters insurance – this is one of the demands of the apartment complex where we are renting our 3 bedroom apartment!  *DONE*
  3. Send salary information to the tax authorities at the beginning of august so that I get the correct taxation while in the US. *DONE*
  4. Get seats on the plane to Houston so that we get to sit next to each other!
  5. Get a car – either lease, rent or buy… pretty hard to get around Houston by bus 🙂
  6. Get the children vaccinated if they are not up-to-date according to their schools (have sent them mails and asked for requirements).
  7. Find a cheerleading club for my daughter! *IN PROGRESS*

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