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Secure Fisheries Symposium in Colorado

This week I am participating in the Secure Fisheries symposium in Colorado (of all places).  SECURE FISHERIES is a program that works with local, regional, and international stakeholders to strengthen fisheries governance, combat illegal fishing, and promote sustainability.


Secure Fisheries launched the Fisheries Conflict Research Consortium (FCRC) in November 2017 after convening the first Fisheries Conflict Workshop at One Earth Future’s headquarters in Colorado, USA and this is what I attended this week.

I had not been part of their consoritum before, but my colleague Elizabeth Nyman at Texas A&M knows many of the researchers that are part of this consortium and this year, she secured me an invitation to become part of this group. My interest in this is of course because of my participation in the Regimes project on snow crab movements under climate change and how this has led to resource conflicts in the high north.

It has been interesting two days in Colorado and I am very humbled and grateful that I have been included into this community – it has also renewed my interest in research on fisheries conflict in the Arctic and I am now getting excited about looking to secure funding for more research.

We are also having a panel together at the ISA conference in Toronto in March. The panel is called New Perspectives on Fisheries and Conflict, and is chaired by Cullen Hendrix from the University of Denver. The panel is on the following and we are presenting on Wednesday, March 27, 1:45 PM – 3:30 PM.

From the Gulf of Aden to the Central American coast and the South China Sea, fisheries are linked to conflict dynamics in complex ways. This panel features exciting, interdisciplinary perspectives on the role fisheries play as a cause of conflict and as a permissive condition for sustaining conflict, as well as the ways armed conflict affects fisheries conservation and utilization.


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