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Getting ready for the 2nd round of BBNJ negotiations in NYC

My ISA colleagues and I are planning to attend the second round of negotiations on biodiversity protection in areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) under

Dr. Elizabeth Nyman and myself by the SDG14 sign at the UN building in NYC.

UNCLOS in March-April 2019 – and the planning has started. These are the same women that I have now published in the Washington Posts MonkeyCage as well as in Marine Policy with – we informally call ourselves Rachel and the three Elizabeths 🙂

We are all members of the International Studies Association (ISA), which is an NGO accredited to the ECOSOC. This association allows for the distribution of grounds passes for their members, and they can have their members registered as observers to certain UN meetings and conferences, if the conference is allowing NGOs to attend – which the BBNJ negotiations are.

We have now all put in our applications for new grounds passes for the March-April 2-week negotiation session where we will attend on and off. The reason for the lack of continuity is that the ISA conference is at the same time – during the first week of negotiations. Because of that, I will attend the first two days of the negotiations before I fly to Toronto, Canada, for the conference. At that time, our colleague Elizabeth De Santo will take over for the next three days of negotiations, before myself, Elizabeth Mendenhall and Elizabeth Nyman return for the last week of negotiations where we will interview delegates and NGOs, and code the comments of the delegates and expand our database.

The President’s aid to negotiations (advance, unedited version) has just been published as well if you want to learn more about how the delegates and researchers like ourselves prepare ourselves for these negotiations:

I am so grateful for the collaboration with these three amazing scholars – and I want to throw in their web pages here so that you can learn more about them:

Rachel Tiller, Elizabeth Mendenhall and Elizabeth De Santo outside the UN building in NYC


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