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A Quick Trip to Brussels – 18 months of GoJelly to report on!

It is incredible that the crazy fun project GoJelly – a gelatinous solution to plastic pollution – is already done with its first 18 months – and that we are reporting on it too!

Preparing our presentations for the GoJelly report meeting!

The report went very well – and I am proud to be part of this team that is looking at how to exploit jellyfish blooms to develop new products – like cosmetics and food – as well as the innovations we are spearheading in also using the mucus from the jellyfish to develop a filter that can capture microplastics from waste water treatment plants.

My job in this project is to lead the work on “Socioecological System and Games” – where we look at stakeholder perceptions and local to global governance initiatives. This is where my work on BBNJ also comes in, as this is one of the major initiatives globally on ocean governance today!

This is a great and fun team to be part of and I am so happy that I was introduced to our Project Leader Jamileh by chance one fall in 2017 via Skype!

Presenting Socio Ecological Systems and Games – that is me to the far right (with pink hair)

We had a wonderful day preparing for this meeting in Brussels, followed by beer and dinner and great conversations. Getting to know each other even better will be even more important now that we are moving harder into the innovation part of the project! For more information, visit

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