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Daycare for Bella!

Ok – so we need daycare for our baby girl now that Hoan has decided she does not want to come with us 🙁

So – we decided that the only logical thing would be to go half time with her – these are the reasons:

  1. she is only 3,5
  2. she has never been to daycare before
  3. she does not speak English
  4. From 12:30-14:30 the children SLEEP – well Bella has not slept during the day since she was 1,5…
  5. it is is SO expensive to go fulltime!

SO in light of this, it was only logical that we needed a spot VERY CLOSE to my work – so that I could drop her off as they opened and have a few hours of good working time!

So – we found this daycare at the UCSB campus – Early Childhood Care & Education Services at UCSB.

The price – according to 2010-11 rates, is USD 625 per month for half time daycare for faculty members – I am guessing I will fit into that category SHOCK!!! That is about NOK 3750 crownes for HALF TIME day care – wow – and we were complaining here in Norway where full time is about USD 370 …

but THIS is what convinced me this is a great place for Bella:

Although it is a popular discipline method, time out is not considered a viable option at the Children’s Centers. While it may interrupt a negative behavior, it does not help children acquire the skills to deal with the situation should it arise again…Under no circumstances will staff use any type of corporal punishment, psychological abuse, threats or derogatory remarks when guiding a child’s behavior. The withholding of food, or any suggestion of withholding food, even as a positive reinforcement strategy, will not be implemented.

I am so adamently against time out and would never have considered a day care that implemented it – and this gave me peace!

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